Big Dad Today

Its valentine Day hope you remembered to get you sweetie a surprise .
Not too late but do it soon .
Remember if Momma is happy every one is happy.

I agree “Happy wife Happy life”

My wife will receive the payment from my inspection today. That will make her happy.

Heading to the chocolatier in a few minutes. Local hand made chocolate is very well recieved by my girls.

Just because it’s Valentines day, doesn’t mean I love my wife any less the rest of the year. I tell her that and screw the commercial blood-suckers.

awful cold weather to be sleeping outdoors…

It took me three attempts to get a wife who understands :smiley:

I proposed to mine 43 years ago, I gave her a card this morning and she made me the best beef stew anyone could get and enjoying it right now.
God Love her. :wink:

Proposed to mine 35 years ago… Marcel you must have married young :slight_smile:

Took her out to nice dinner last night… flowers and card today… so spreading it out over two days. I cooked her dinner today, and I do cook a lot… but not quite up to the dinner of last night.

Gee… are you a slow learner … :slight_smile:

60 years this month and an argument we seldom have and they last about 20 seconds .

12 Roses to day and later this week WOW!!!
We have a great life together .

There is a American person many of us Know in this industry .
His son has been married three times all to the same woman .

Marcel and Rita Great people , Glad to have met them … Roy