Big news coming. Any US or Canadian real estate agent who refers an InterNACHI member

… are indemnified against negligent referral claims, forever.

We are contacting every agent in North America to tell them of the good news.

Smell that? That smell you smell across North America is the smell of non-members everywhere… soiling themselves.

I don’t know what is better, this news, or watching A$HI members spontaneously combust.:smiley:

hahaha…now that’s funny Nick. Seriously that would be great news if it happens.:cool:


Is this tied to E&O or a specific carrier/broker?

Nothing new here, in Canada that is…

Hubs International has been offering Agent/Broker Referral Coverage with its E&O for a while.

Super news… just as I ready my class for Realtors in my area. More good news to convey to them!

Nope, you don’t have to have an E&O policy.

Now this sounds interesting Nick. Spill the beans…:cool:


This is going to cover the NACHI members RE agents who are performing sub standard inspections( 5-7 page checklist reports) and not following NACHI SOP or STATE SOP’s also?

Correct. No real estate agent is negligent in referring a member of InterNACHI, which requires all it’s members to follow their state mandated SOP or ours. Therefore the agent shouldn’t be sued for negligent referral if the inspector decides to do something illegal. Not the agent’s fault.

Anything in writing coming out with that. I’ve got a realtor trade fair coming up on the 14th and some marketing materials would be great

I’ll have it set up and launched by the end of this month.

Can’t wait, I’ve got a trade fair coming too with 2 nahi members and a fabi member to compete against.

So their entire membership will be there? LOL! :cool:

Feel lucky, I’ve got 5 A$HI members to deal with, one of which had copied content from my website. (sent him a nice letter and it was removed in 2 days). I’ll be the only InterNACHI member there

Five? They must have a light bulb to change. One to hold the bulb, four to turn the table.

They all will probably take turns on their separate little diploma mill table that they set up to brainwash attendees.

LOL. Whenever I see an ASHI logo I instantly think… “idiot.”

I admit… every now and then, I find an exception to that stereotype, but they are few and far between.

Prudent home buyers will avoid any home inspector referred to them by someone who will gain, financially, from the sale of the inspected home.

If you are a prospective home buyer who is reading this thread, you already have access to the “Find and Inspector”]( link on this site. Read through the list of inspectors near (but not too near) to wear you live and find a few to interview.

Eliminate those who are not full time professional inspectors and/or who use home inspections as a means to develop business for their handyman or remodeling contracting companies.

Use it to find an inspector outside of your immediate area who is not a part of the local real estate sales establishment … but close enough to where you can pay him a few dollars more and have an unbiased, thorough and complete home inspection.

Your real estate salesman may not like it … but then, they don’t have to live in and maintain the house you buy.

Would you expect the car mechanic who works at the same dealership to provide you with an unbiased report on the condition of the auto that the used car salesman is suggesting that you buy? Of course not. Take a few extra minutes to do your homework and find an inspector who works for YOU.