Biggest Home Inspector Pro 4th of July Sale Ever

Home Inspector Pro is running its largest Sale EVER!

  • $200 off Home Inspector Pro + Mobile
  • 6 Months Free of HIP Cloud
  • 6 Months Free of HIP Office (Coming soon!)
  • 6 Months Free of Website Hosting
  • 6 Months Free of InterNACHI (new members only)
  • Total Savings of $900!

Get freedom from your current software and get your nights and weekends back with Home Inspector Pro 5. Thousands of home inspectors have used Home Inspector Pro for the last 15 years to turn their inspection companies into large successes. Many of the largest franchises as well as single owner inspection companies from 1 inspectors up to 500 inspector companies, use HIP.

Home Inspector Pro runs natively on Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad & Android devices to help inspectors complete their inspections on site. Include video in your reports, use our pop-up glossary feature to make your reports easier to understand and digital stationery to make it all look more professional.

Purchase by 7/8/2019 using coupon code FREEDOM2019 and save $200 off HIP and FREEDOM2019CLOUD to save $120 off the annual HIP Cloud Service.

What’s new with Home Inspector Pro 5 Lately?

Home Inspector Pro’s new Inspector Managment System, named HIP Office has been in development for a few years and is about to launch to the public. Stay tuned for more details!

HIP’s new Rating Icon feature replaces the old, tired looking checklist ratings with easy to visualize icons allowing clients to instantly know what’s going on. You can use our icons, use your own or turn them off all together if you don’t want to use them.

Use HIP’s Graphics Library to automatically link graphics with narratives and save time by not having to search through your library to find where you saved that “TPR Valve” diagram.

HIP Camera New & Improved! Mobile device cameras couldn’t do what inspectors needed, so we created our own built in camera app! Now you can rapid fire as many photos in a row as you want before returning to annotate/caption photos.

Get more referrals from agents by helping them generate a Reference Addendum via the Home Inspector Pro / ISN addendum generation tool.

Create an even better-looking report with our Cover Page Designer. Move and fully customize your text, insert shading, boxes, and combine with digital stationery to create a marketing masterpiece.

Include external documents using our new PDF Insertion tool. You can insert PDF’s before the cover page, within the report or at the end. This even works with HTML reports!

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