InterNACHI members save $225 on Home Inspector Pro on Cyber Monday.

That’s a good deal. I just sent an inspector over to purchase it now. Thanks Nick

Just to clarify, this is good from today though Cyber Monday! has the full interactive email with links and video.

Black Friday / Cyber Monday Holiday SALE FOR INTERNACHI MEMBERS ONLY!

Home Inspector Pro 4 is Officially Out!

Purchase Home Inspector Pro 4 NOW and save an EXCLUSIVE $225! Use coupon code 2014NACHISALE during checkout.

Integrated Video! Integrated Glossaries and more!

Home Inspector Pro is the only inspection software to run on Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad & Android devices. Our mobile software is the top inspection software on BOTH app stores because it’s ease of use, the ability to draw arrows and other annotations on the mobile device and much more. Our desktop software is the only inspection software on the market that can insert videos DIRECTLY into the PDF file for your clients to view! No cloud or other service is required for video to work.

SEE Below for some of the HOT new features!

Add Video To Your PDF Report!

Home Inspector Pro has done it!! The first Home Inspection Software to include video directly in a PDF report. Until your client clicks PLAY or if they print the PDF they’ll get the first frame of the video. Click on the image to the LEFT to watch this short tutorial now to see how it works! CLICK HERE to see a sample report with video. You’ll need to right click and save the PDF and then view it in Adobe Reader as most browsers only show a PDF preview.

Add an Integrated Glossary!

Tired of clients and agents asking you what AFCI means? Update to HIP 4 and add an integrated glossary that pops up definitions for any abbreviation or uncommon phrase when your client hovers over it in the report. A Terms of the Report including only terms used in each report is added to the end to create a living glossary that the clients can print.
Click HERE or the image to the right to watch the tutorial on new glossary feature!!

& Much More!

Submit reports directly to ISN from within HIP
Duplicate sections on HIP Mobile
Runs on Java 7 and Mac OS Yosemite
Click HERE for full release notes.
Update During Black Friday/Monday!

Purchase Home Inspector Pro 4 right now and save $225 making Home Inspector Pro $424 and Home Inspector Pro Plus HIP Mobile only $574. Use coupon code 2014NACHISALE to purchase now! CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE

If you’re not ready yet, go to and download the trial of Home Inspector Pro now!

If you have any questions please click Help Desk on our website, call or email

Excellent! We’ll get him setup asap.

Awesome. You guys are great



InterNACHI members get $225 off if they use the InterNACHI checkout code.

The $200 on the bottom is a typo for the email that non InterNACHI members got. Only InterNACHI members get the $225 off!

Dominic writes:

Thanks. InterNACHI members deserve to pay less for everything.

Original post fixed, thanks Jeffrey :wink:

It sucks not to be a member of InterNACHI. :stuck_out_tongue:

Dose the discount apply to updates?

Yes… Yes it does

The update discount is $50. Use coupon code HIPSTAR.

Of course this is right when I go to do my Xmas shopping!

I will be bold and ask- any type of discounts if we need to make payments?

I am going to try your free trial today and decide over the weekend between programs!



Tia (7woods Management LLC)

Hi Tia,

Yes, you can select Bill Me Later during checkout, have 6 months to pay and still get the discount!


(I don’t think Dom will hate me for this)…

DO NOT make a decision based on 1 or 2 days of trial!!!

It is not fair to the software that you are testing out.

Take a few weeks, as the more time you work with them, the better feel you will have of which will suit you best. This is very important as you will be spending a lot of time customizing ANY software you decide on, and you don’t want to realize you made an error because you didn’t take enough time to decide.

Tip: Typically, Dom (HIP) also runs a special for Christmas, so you won’t be missing out on his generous deals! Use the Trial until Christmas. Then decide.

Just a reminder that this InterNACHI Black Friday to Cyber Monday exclusive ends tomorrow at Midnight PST!! We will have an ongoing holiday sale but but this weekend is the best price for InterNACHI members!

The pressure is on. :slight_smile:

Not even close! Message tech support at both companies today and see which one answers your question :mrgreen: