Biological half brothers who both became president of the U.S

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Strange story. You would need to provide some credited sources to authenticate that information.


I think he meant he is JC
(76) John F Kennedy is Jimmy Carter - YouTube

Jimmy Carter is JFK’s half brother. They even look alike.

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Miss Lillian (Jimmy Carter’s mother) was Joe Kennedy’s (father of JFK) personal secretary, long before either became president. You think that is a coincidence?

The mother of one president is the secretary of the father of another president. They are the same family, all offspring of Joe Kennedy. They all even look alike with those big teeth. The Kennedy’s funded Carter’s campaign.

Jimmy Carter all but admitted it when he ran for president and his half brother Ted (whom he didn’t get a long with) threatened to run agains him. A reporter asked him twice to make sure he heard right.

Show your source. All research I’ve seen there are no connections what so ever during the timelines between the birth of the two.

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Jimmy Carter, before he became president, had a nickname down south: “Jimmy Kennedy.”

Sorry Nick…

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Your proof is an article that concludes that it’s not true?

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