Bird mouth splices

I found what looks like repair work to valley rafters where bird mouth splices were used. The workmanship was sloppy and there were gaps at the bottom. The splices were nailed. I’m calling out the workmanship just wanted to get some opinions on it





Good call. Calling out the workmanship would be my suggestion. Over time more separation could prevail and at least you have made the client aware.

Sean, that’s not a birds mouth cut. The birds mouth cut is the notch of the rafter sitting on the top plate of wall.
In my parts what you show is called a diamond cut or fish tail cut joint. This being used to splice roof frame materials when available lumber was not long enough. Obviously this joint is better than a butt joint, but I would still recommend bracing under any roof frame joints including these that you show here.

We call it an alligator splice…and its acceptable with if you sandwich 3/4" plywood about 4 ft long on each side, glue and nail the crap out of it and then brace the splice section back to a load point.

Thats the way it’s done out here too.

That joint is structurly useless as pictured. :slight_smile:

Agree w/ Marcel. It is bogus!

Agreed. Bad attempt at a splice. That is not how splices are made.