Black copper wiring in 1988 house

Hi I just got the house I am possibly purchasing inspected today and the inspector found blackening of copper wires in the bathroom and circuit box and outside in the backyard in the shed where all the well equipment is. The house is in Florida and was built in 1988. Most of the sockets looked fine and he thinks it could be maybe the sulfur from well water? Pleaaase help anyone I like the house but no way want a chinese drywall disaster. Thanks in advance for any and all advice.

I would call a licensed electrician to look at the system, this would settle your doubts

Where are you located?

Run - run like the wind… I have a Chinese Drywall house and if I even thought for one sec a house may have it… there are way too many ‘clean’ homes out there to make this big a gamble… Find another one…

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