Black grease over entire subfloor. What is it?

So I viewed a house today that will be coming up as a bank repo for a really really low price. I’m no stranger to flipping houses or renovation, however this one is new to me.

All the carpet has been torn out, and the exposed sub floors are totally covered with a black greasy film, much like an oil spill. It freezes, when its cold. I’ve seen many pet stains in my day, but nothing like this. usually the pet stains have a darker ring around the out side and are a lighter discolouration in the middle, but this is just thick goo over the entire subfloor all the way over to 3 feet away from all the outside walls. The remaining hardwood floors are also all turning black. I have never seen pet damage this extreme. Could it be something else? They obviously had very aggressive dogs as they ate their way through the interior doors. Could this have something do do with manufacturing drugs or something? Something weird was definitely going on there, but can’t quite figure out what for sure.

Previous to these owners buying the house it was in pristine condition and custom built for an older couple. I couldn’t believe the damage that could be done in 6 years. It is a 100% total gut. Nothing there is salvageable.

Take a sample to the lab

Disgruntled home owner. Similar to concrete in the toilet. Could be vehicle oil. Suggest lab testing.

You guys are right about taking a sample to the lab being the best way to be sure, however I probably won’t as the house is just too far gone to be worth the investment. Vehicle oil would have been great in comparison to the stench of whatever this is has left behind. But I sure am curious as to weather animals actually could have caused this much damage. The floors would had to have been ankle deep in urine and feces to get that bad.

Pictures? :slight_smile: