Black Puddle Sludge Mystery?

Anyone ever see this? It is a black tar/ sludge substance that looks concentrated from where a small puddle dried from maybe duct condensation in the hot months. There is nothing above it, however nearby is a sheathed cable with similar stuff dripping off of it and it is speckled on the underside. Just curious if anyone has run into this or knows what the crap it is. I would like to know since I have to be crawling around and near it. Thanks. I hope all of you are well. Stay safe!

In my experience, animal urine.
Usually rodents in my neck of the woods.

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Ok. Just would have never guessed that, since other than snake skins, no other signs of “pests” were located/ noticed (by me, pest inspector was also in the crawlspace just an hour before me and did not make note of anything). I also would have never thought it would be black. Thanks for the input, Patrick. It is appreciated.

Morning, Warren. Hope this posts finds you well.

Where was the sheathed cable, with similar stuff dripping off of it situated?
I associate electric cables being suspended from flooring members in crawl spaces. Also there is what appears to be a wood joists above the cable.

Tell me if I am correct but it looks like bulk water condensate droplets under the thick mil plastic vapour barrier covering the soil.
The bottom of the what appears to be a concrete column is white which leads me to believe efflorescence is a symptom being developed by moisture wicking.

Rodents, vermin or even the pet urinate at or near the same area. Did you observe any feces or scat?

Crawlspace heated or unconditioned?
Vented or unvented?
Ambient RH/Relative Humidity level? High, Average, Low?

Observation: Structure Configuration. Crawlspace. Earth floor.
Uneven vapour barrier banket.Poorly sealed.
Condensate, bulk water droplets under crawl space vapour barrier.
Several small puddles of a Black liquid trapped in low areas of the unevenly blanketed plastic vapour barrier.
Recommend: A licensed general contractor… improve the vapour barrier and other crawlspace deficiencies. Analysis the black liquid.
Act upon and recommendations and referrals.

Best I can do with the information provided.

Yup… mouse piss!

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Thanks all!

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