Blackout dates (9/10 - 9/30) for North Carolina Home Inspector Continuing Education

North Carolina home inspectors should be advised that between September 10 and September 30th, official education providers, such as InterNACHI, are not allowed to conduct any session of an approved course for continuing education (CE) purposes. If you are in the middle of an approved NC CE course you will not be able to access the course during this time. This is a rule and requirement issued by the North Carolina State Board of Home Inspectors,

(b) Sponsor Requirements: Approval of an elective course requires approval of the sponsor and instructor(s) as well as the course itself. The approval authorizes the sponsor to conduct the approved course using the instructor(s) who have been found by the Board to satisfy the instructor requirements set forth in Rule .1322 of this Section. The sponsor may conduct the course at any location as frequently as is desired during the approval period. However, the sponsor may not conduct any session of an approved course for home inspector continuing education purposes between September 10 and September 30, inclusive, of any approval period.”

Any progress in an approved InterNACHI course will be saved and able to be resumed after September 30th. We apologize for this state-mandated inconvenience.

Why are they doing this?


They do this every year and it’s part of the state statue. The reasoning is that most inspectors wait until right before the due date to get there CE’s and the NCHILB staff needs time to make sure all the information is recorded properly and posted to the individual transcripts in time for the September 30 license renewal deadline.

I suspect that this was put into the statue back when licensing was enacted and it was strictly a manual process.

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Nick, it’s as Kenneth said. They do it every year, I believe for every licensing department. It’s part of the licensing bill when it was originally passed.

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God Bless the bureaucrats. Why automate when you can hire another government union employee.
Keep the Faith,

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