Blisters on newer roof

This was a newer roof, probably 5-7 years old and I saw a little bit of blistering or what looked like blistering on the sides that faced basically west. Nothing else about the roof really looked bad but thought I would ask if it looked odd to anyone else. Thank you.

Those will soon be pits.

Observed some areas of shingles exhibiting some degree of blistering and/or pitting due to blistering. This can be caused by high temperatures of the roof surface often due to inadequate ventilation. The area affected was on the facing plane

Kudos for getting up there.

Excellent. Thank you Chuck! I stuck to the valleys and straddled the ridge. I don’t think it was as bad as it looks.

Dan, be aware that it is harder to dismount a roof that to get up on it…from experience.

Very true, Larry!

Oh yes. That is very true. So far I haven’t descended extremely rapidly:)

Oh, are you one of those that need to have 4 points of contact at all times, Dan? LOL! JK…Be safe!

I am late to the convo, but those shadow lines are intense. I have not seen shingles like that in WA. Is that a typical look for you and reveal? And do you know the mfg by chance?

There are a number of shingle lines from various mfrs that are similar. Trying to imitate a slate appearance. Those look like GAF Slateline from here.

I don’t know the manufacturer but I have seen those before and that didn’t excite me but I know what you mean

that wouldn’t be as fun as it sounds. Goood catch on the blisters, thats an important one.

Dismounts are easy. It’s sticking the landing that becomes problematic. :laughing:

LOL!.. … …LOL!

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