Top of roof had small pieces of shingles only in one section

Not sure if I should write this up or not, It almost looks like when they went to put on the last course of shingles on there was a discrepancy with the house being a little out of square. This is under a section that had the vinyl fascia blown off though. What are your thoughts on this? I have exposed nails up there that I am calling a roofer out on but I dont want this to come up as an issue if I dont call it. Also what about the lack of overhang on this lean to style roof? Thanks for the help guys.GOPR0197 GOPR0201

Does not appear to be flashed properly


Yep, incorrect flashing at top of roof edge and putting Neil’s picture in the report will help immensely. :smiley:


what they said…

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Hey, Jim, I hope you’re still living the dream, my friend.

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Thanks guys and thanks for that image, you guys are awesome and just saved my ass. :+1::+1::+1:

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nothing but a party here Partner…just buttoning up odds and ends on the basement rough in, showers in, utility sink is in…wainting on the sparkies and getting ready to order dry wall…

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skylight flashing
double layer?