Block foundation

Block foundation on an addition, unknown when it was built. Blocks look to me to be on their side and filled in with concrete. Kind of haphazardly. Does it look like that to you?I could not get any closer, access to crawlspace was blocked by waste pipe. It also doesn’t look mortared in too well. They almost look dry stacked. I noticed cracks to the stucco coating on the exterior at this same corner. Your thoughts please.

Just report what you can see. I would assume that the moron who installed the column did the wall as well. Just my opinion!

Foundation Wall: Non-standard Concrete Masonry Units(CMU’s) installed using a non-standard method[CMU’s on end]. This may make the foundation weak and susceptible to failure. See cracking on the exterior picture. Monitor for further movement.

Column: Incorrect installationdry stacking and improper orientation of CMU’s as well as insufficient bearing surface of the wood) of a load bearing column. This could cause floor sagging and or collapse. Have a qualified contractor level the floor and replace this column.

Thanks Gerald, that pretty much sums it up. What is more strange is if you look to the right of the column the blocks change and seem to be better built.

Is that a plastic water supply line in the crawl space? I just noticed you are in NY and I don’t see any insulation on the walls, hence being able to see the poor foundation wall.

Yes I noted that in the report.