Odd crack in foundation wall

I observed a weird crack in a foundation wall while in a crawlspace. I’ve not seen anything like this before. An individual brick is cracked and the masonry block from the crack on down appear to be on an uneven plane. It’s confusing since the blocks above appear to be normal. Has anyone encountered anything like this?

I’d be more concerned about that single block pier.
Single block piers should not exceed 3’ with a cap block.
That should of been constructed of double blocks with the proper cap.

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Heck, shoulda’ just added a couple more courses of CMU’s and gone a full basement!

Betcha they hit hardpan/stone/rock and decided not to attempt disturbing, hoping the Mason could “compensate” for the minor difference in level. Wrong! The broken CMU appears to be sitting at the crest of the concern. Surprised more haven’t already broken, but likely will as time ‘moves’ on.

Why are the blocks floating like a wave?

Obviously a problem at/with the Footing. Without digging down and exposing, it could be many scenario’s, one of which I mentioned in above comment.

Hey Marcel, Thanks for pointing out the pier. I was so focused on the weird wall that I developed tunnel vision. I appreciate the note.

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This was in the crawlspace portion of a basement/crawlspace combo. Like you, I suspect they hit rock and didn’t go with a full basement. Not uncommon for this area of Alabama. I’ve just never seen settling like this. More often I get the stair-stepped corners that are obvious; not this new-found “wave”. Your description of the cracked block being at the apex makes sense.

There is no evidence of movement or around that cracked block, so I would have to think that it had a light crack in it when it was laid.
Also what is that vent in the same wall. Isn’t that wall backfilled on the other side?

Cracked block looks thinner than the rest. Probably cut to fit and cracked in the process.

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Just what I was thinking, Junior… :smile:

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Yep, it’s backfilled on the other side.

They had to make an adjustment, so it was cracked when they laid it, and matches with the pier and rest of the wall.

Good place for water to get in. LOL
Any pics of the exterior so we get the whole picture from a little farther away.

Here are a few external pics

The area with the cracked block and “the wave” are on the front of the crawlspace.

Well, I sure hope that was on ledge, the back side looks like it is on top of the ground with quite a slope. Thanks for giving us the whole picture. I am sure you addressed the crawl conditions then.

You’d think they would have filled the crack as well!

That tree at the right rear corner is a bigger problem than that cracked CMU.

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Likely mechanically damaged during the erection.
No real concern. Easy fix.
As for the column. Marcel Cyr’s post should make you think.