Blocking for lateral support

For a foundation wall to be considered laterally supported, a floor system needs blocking, installed perpendicular to the floor joists, with full depth blocking for minimum of ______ joist spaces of the foundation wall and flat-blocked with minimum _______ inch by ______ inch blocking elsewhere.

Answer is here

Kinda ancient for me…Some areas 2 and 3 from terminal end. 2 x 4 minimum, but I’ve never done that, just solid blocking.

We block solid here though if span is over 8’ at center of span and thereafter. And we no longer pressure block at ends. Although I don’t dislike that type of system. Having recently installed a 3 x 8 sill… you read that right btw. Continuous rim was nailed to joist ends and solid blocking at every bay behind cont. rim. Don’t forget to leave room for hardware and teco nails… palm nailers are fun, aren’t they?

I can’t remember the last time i cut cross blocks either. Are there places where cross blocking is still nailed up?