Boat Dock Inspections

My client this morning wanted me to inspect the dock as the pilings were rotted where the wood sits in the water, the tide was low. She knew it was excluded from the general home inspection but wanted it in the report anyway. Does anybody out there who inspects them have a general disclaimer I can borrow? I took pictures of the rotting wood and put into my report that the inspector is not a specialist in this area and recommends further evaluation by a licensed marine contractor and repair or replace as needed. There was also a boat lift that had the sellers boat on it and did not test it and disclaimed it.

Just looking for a disclaimer for the dock and boat lift.

Talk with Carl Pennick he has been doing them for years. I sent you an email.

Just received your email, and I ran into an old thread where Carl was offering them. Thanks John

That’s pretty much your disclaimer right there.

I have a p.e who does them for my company. We will be developing a nachi certification course for docks and seawalls soon


Awesome, I might start looking into this as an ancillary service.

Thats the idea. All nachi members will be certified through a course designed by an engineer and general contractor.

Looking forward to it :smiley:

I attended a meeting in Florida (Fort Lauderdale) many years ago (2001 - 2003) with Nick Gromicko where boat dock and bulkhead inspections was presented. I have looked and have been unable to find who the presenter was.

Custom Dock & Davit does free, written reports anywhere from Palmetto / Skyway Bridge to Englewood. Their reports take about a week but they are a large & professional company - 941-923-1522

I used to have a local company do dock and seawall inspections. When they could not do it anymore(too busy). I took a class and studied a bit and now provide them myself. FABI had one recently that was pretty good.


I am sure Carl could put it together.

I do my own . We do about 50-100 a year depending on the year. Carl has helped on some in the past and is a great guy

We dont disclaim separate but then again everyone I find issues with

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