How do you handle docks,davits and seawalls. how about boathouses.

extra charge…disclaim… ancillary…beyond sop…

any verbage out there

thanx in advance

Note general condition of seawall cap and tie-back connections. Treat dock like a deck inspection. Check electrical for GFCI protection. General condition of davits or lift, but don’t operate, especially if a boat is on it. Doesn’t take long so I include it.

No, yes, yes, yes, and recommend that before hoisting boat consulting a licensed lift contractor…As with all sea walls, we recommend consulting a licensed engineer famialar with…

I run into alot of this in my area. I don’t charge to inspect the dock for obvious issues. I always recommend the seek the correct licensed specialist experience with the seawall/lift/etc…
It are job to spot problems. It’s also our job to point them in right direction when we are outside our area of expertise. Docks, lifts, and seawalls are tricky items.

I do look at docks, seawalls, lifts, and ramps. I can only see what I can see(we do not look underwater). If you need more answers, hire a licensed marine contractor.

thanx guys