Boiler and hot water vent

I know this could be better, but technically, is there anything wrong with this set up?



The boiler vent cannot be reduced. The system is designed to have a certain flue discharge and reducing it can cause the flue gases to “back-up” into the boiler and be expelled into the boiler room. Recommend repair by HVAC.

it appears negatively pitched in 2 spots.
I would write it up as needing correction for that reason.

1 elbow would make sense here.
not sure what they were trying to accomplish.

I agree to many 90’s and no pitch.

The total area when connecting multiple vents needs to be the size of the largest **plus **at least 50% of all others. That vent above the connection appears to be the same size as the one coming off the boiler, so it is too small for both appliances.

Also, is the single wall pipe within 2" of the sheetrock? The paper facing is considered a combustible material.

Do the joints have the required bolts or are they just taped?

I like to see Wye connectors at intersections, verses the Tee connector.

The joints are taped, with cloth duct tape. Not the best job going.

I would write it up as handyman’s work. The cpvc water line on the hot side should be offset because of the way the water heater was set up. The vent should be piped with one 90 to the larger vertical pipe. There should be a directional wye and the piece above this wye should be 1-1/2 -2" larger than the main vent pipe from the heating appliance.