Boiler in garage Part II

OK - It’s “boiler in garage” week. The oil boiler is considered a sealed combustion device, right? However, the burner (source of ignition) should still be 18 off the floor. Bollards or some other form of protection should be installed — or — the whole mess can be enclosed and get its source of combustion air from the outside. Your thoughts? :slight_smile:

oil boiler in garage.JPG

Is that a gas dryer too?

Same problem as before.

Should build a room around both with a sealed door to the garage.

Electric dryer.
I wrote it up as a concern. Once again, it’s been there since the house was built in '70 and I doubt anything will be changed. Thanks.

what happens if its in a sealed room with a door that open to the garage and there are combustible gasses in the garage and you open the door to the boiler room…Kaboom…so I would think that it either needs to be elevated 18" or the door needs to open to the outside.

Is that a gas hot water heater also? Both need to be elevated and protected.

The combustion air source should be from the exterior. The WH is an indirect-fired unit. Thanks guys.