Boiler in master bedroom Closet

Hello, got a question about boilers in master bedroom closet. The gas boiler is located in the closet of the master is sealed and has combustion air from the outside and venting up through the roof. But they have cut holes and added a vent fan in the utility room to the master bathroom next to it. Thus it’s not making it a sealed room but is also isn’t going directly into a bedroom so is there anything to call out or is it fine? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

That door you are standing at is not sealed! If it opens, it isn’t sealed!!

It’s not a sealed room but the door closes automatically, a threshold, and a door seal for the room from the closet.

Gas appliances are not allowed in bedroom closets. That would be considered an (appliance) closet.
And the final answer would be up to the AHJ. Question is… was there one??
Looks like a “Flippers dream”!

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There’s plenty to call out, including breaching the drywall fire layer at the “vent hole”, and that dodgy floor drain.

If it were my job, the next step would be to pull the permit history of the home, and comment on any differences between permit history and apparent work, using words like “non-professionally installed” and “without a matching permit history”. That usually gets people’s attention, and in theory puts some liability back on the owner.