Boiler noise?

Does anyone know what this noise might be? This is not my video, but this is the exact noise we’ve been hearing for hours.

I’m worried about our safety as the boiler used to heat our apartment is right next to our bedroom. The landlord refuses to give us any idea of what’s going on.

I would greatly appreciate any insight to what that noise may be.

Sounds like hard water build up on the bottom of the boiler.
The water is trapped under the scale and super heated and when it escapes to the boiler if Turns to steam .
You can get the same effect with a badly coated kettle .
I have no advice to give you but a Good plumber should have some ideas . Sorry… Roy
Yes I have heard this before …

More info added hope this helps

It could be any # of things, air in the boiler bearings going bad in a pump. At this point is should make no difference it is excessive and you should demand that it be repaired immediately. In all essences tenants have more legal rights than the landlord. Jump in the middle of them with both feet

Wow 4 years this boiler has been making this noise??

Thanks for the ideas of what might have been happening. I like to try and be informed about stuff like this so I will press the landlord for more details. Safety is really my concern as my room shares a wall with the boiler.

A maintenance person turned it off yesterday afternoon, then disappeared. No word what happened or if it’s been fixed. At least that noise is gone!

No this hasn’t been going on for 4 years. I wouldn’t stay here if that noise continued much longer than a day; it’s so loud one can hear it from outside the building (old, wood frame). As I said in my post that isn’t my video, just an accurate example of the noise we were hearing.