Boiler pressure relief valve

Does a boiler need a T & P valve or just a pressure relief valve, like this Watts 374A??

Thanks in advance.

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What is a WATTS 374A? That’s the answer to your question.

A relief valve.

So a boiler only requires a pressure sensing device and not a temperature and pressure sensing one? Because of the boiler water temp?

Ask yourself why a water heater requires a temperature sensing component as well as a pressure sensing device.

When you know you will understand.

I feel like I’m Batman dealing with The Riddler’s - LOL.

I’m not understanding, obviously, hence the post.

Series 374A Boiler Pressure Relief Valves are used in hot water boiler applications to protect against excessive pressure on all types of hot water heating boiler equipment. It consists of an iron body construction with forged bronze inlet connections, non-metallic disc-to-metal seating, stainless steel spring, and test lever. Series 374A resists corrosive water conditions, sticking and freezing, and prevents water and sediment from being trapped in the seat. It is designed for emergency safety relief and shall not be used as an operating control. Standard Pressure Setting: **30psi **(206.9 kPa), Pressure range: rated up to 550,000 BTU/hr at a 30psi (2 bar) setting only.

Joshua, I was just trying to get you to think.

Water heaters enclose 40 or more gallons of liquid which if it were to flash to steam makes a heck of a bomb.

Boilers contain only a few gallons by comparison.

How bout installed upside down? Think more chance of accidentally hitting it downward as opposed to upward. Just a thought

And not set under the same pressure either.

I figured, however, my brain has been mush the last few days as I’ve been battling flu. I get it now, thank you.

Just got over it too!