Bond at Panel

I recently did an inspection on a 2 family home. One electrical service line, 2 meters, 2 main panels. There is a ground connection and a bond between the neutral bar and the panel at one of the panels. The second panel did not have either. I believe a single ground connection is okay, but am wondering if this panel should be bonded. Any thoughts?

Both panels (as service equipment) must be mechanically connected (bonded) to each other and to the grounding electrode.

The grounded (neutral) conductors at the service equipment must also be bonded to the GE.

Thanks Jeff. I’m going with that.

Why do the two panels need to be mechanically connected to each other?

Grouped disconnects on a single drop should be bonded, no?

Yes, you’re correct. In my mind I took mechanically connecting the two disconnects as requiring some sort of raceway connection between them. They could simply be bonded by having a bonding jumper from each disconnect to the GEC or some other bonding arrangement where there is no direct connection between the two.

I was trying to help differentiate bonded (the mechanical “connection” between components) and grounded (the connection to earth).

Many inspectors have a difficult time with these terms.


Was the house in Staten Island? BX throughout? Were the panels connected by conduit with bonding jumpers?