Main panel and Sub panels

Today’s house had the main panels/breaker and directly on the other side of the wall in the garage were the breaker panels. These breaker panels are sub panels (the neutral is separated from the ground and box and the ground is bonded to the panel.
Aren’t these sub panels required to have a disconnect or do the exterior ones suffice?
DSC02831b.JPG DSC02867b.JPG

No disconnect is required for those sub panels. I don’t see any grounding electrode conductors in the two service disconnects.

Ground is bonded to the neutral because of electrical conduit.

I was about to right it up as no grounding electrode. So, are you saying this installation is correct?

There is no visible GEC, regardless of the equipment bonding.

The GES should be verified or established.

Yes the remote panels are compliant. They do not need a main breaker for the panel as the service disconnect will turn the remote panel off.

As to the grounding electrode, it could be installed in the enclosure that is below the two service disconnects.

Correct and I also agree with Jeffrey P. If you cannot confirm the GEC don’t guess.