Bonded Neutral

Fellow Inspectors,

New construction, townhome on slab. Main shut off located in un-attached garage. Panel in home has neutral bonded to panel. In the first picture the green bonding screw is visible at the neutral buss.

I wrote it up for repair. Any additional comments?




This looks like the service panel (main). Why did you wright up the panel being bonded to the neutral bus? Can you clarify which panel were looking at here. I really dont see an issue if thats the main service panel.

I’ve seen this a few times, and considered the pictured panel to be effectively a sub panel, as the main shutoff was in another location. As a sub panel, the neutrals and grounds should be on separate bus bars, and the bonding strap should have been removed. I am interested to see if others share my opinion.

The main service panel is located in the garage. There is a four wire feed to the (sub) panel in the house itself. Since the panel in the house is not the service panel, the neutrals should be “floating” ie. not bonded to the panel.

The pictures are of the panel in the house.


THIS is the key. If it were a 3-wire feed then the panel in the house would essentially be another “main” panel, for lack of a better word. This is treated like any other main panel with the neutral bonded to the ground.

Since there is a 4-wire feeder used there should be NO neutral bond.

Speedy Petey,

The reason I posted the pictures and question is that this is the first time in a new home construction that I have encountered this. I see it in older construction and upgrades, all the time and write it up. Just a bit surprised when I saw it today.
Just goes to show, keep your eyes open; never know what you will see.


I just looked again, that is SER (4 wire) so you do not rebond the neutral. Good call.

A good call indeed. As it is wired, half the neutral current will return to the service panel in the garage through the ground wire.