Bonding Hot & Cold at Gas WH

In my area, I usually see a bonding wire between the hot and cold pipes at the gas WH., (and I’ll comment if I don’t see one.)

And the water pipe at the Water Main is often being used as the sole grounding electrode.
I mention that current safety standards recommend an additional grounding method.

But now I see that the diagram in Code Check Complete 2 for “Bonding Interior Piping” shows the bonding wire between the hot and cold pipes at the gas WH continuing to the GES.

Would you recommend a comment about that too? (Meaning if I see only a bond between the hot and cold and no further) and what would be the narrative?
Thanks in advance, I know this is a confusing subject and have tried to do research into it.

1)The bonding jumper is there to provide continuity between the hot and cold water piping systems.

2)Yes a water pipe electrode is required to be supplemented by at least one other electrode, often two ground rods.

3)You said “bonding interior piping” this is different than using the water pipe as an electrode, the interior metal piping system is required to be bonded and that bonding connection can be at any accessible point along the piping system so extending the connection point from the HWH would be one way of doing it.

  1. I’ll leave the narratives to the professional HI’s. :cool:

Thank you Robert for responding and trying to clarify this for me:

Yes you can if you’re only trying to bond the metal water piping system, that connection can be anywhere along the water pipe that is accessible.