bonding main hose bib with pex

Saw the main hose bib bonded but the house has pex plumbing. Again, the electrical box did not state that the plumbing was non-metallic. This is not the first time I’ve run across this but I am asking the question here to make sure I am clear on what is going on. There was a ground rod in the ground next to the main hose bib. It was not in contact (at least visually from the ground up) with the hose bib pipe. Why are electricians bonding the main hose bib when the house has plastic plumbing??

Are you certain it was the electricians??? I HIGHLY doubt it.
This is typically a CATV or telco move.

Also, why would the electrical box state the plumbing was nonmetallic? I have never seen where this was noted before.
There are few instances where a water pipe can be used as a ground source. If one is not completely certain it is proper they have NO place using one for a ground.
A perfect example is the other recent thread where a DISH installer used a hose bib for a ground and the house’s plumbing was nonmetallic. Real good ground there buddy.

Very common in new construction. . .

this was the type that came out of the stucco and was attached to the hose bib pipe, exactly like out the gas pipe is bonded so i don’t think it was the cable guy. A ground rod was present so they new about the plastic piping but why then run a bond to the outside water pipe?

Could be the incoming water line is copper, including the stub up into the wall where the hose bib is attached. It may even be copper inside the wall for a ways before the pex takes over.

Another possibility is the home was re piped with the pex, you didn’t say if it was new construction or not. It doesn’t sound like new construction if there is a ground rod.

home is 5 years old. Unlikely re-pipe but I like the rest of your theory. Even so, better to have a bond in place and not need it then to need it and not have it there.