Is This OK?!

New home


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I don’t see the need for the bonding wire if the water supply line is non-metalic. I would like to see the water line supported.

There is no need for the bonding of this pex line. Posted as more of a joke hence the " :mrgreen:" smilie :D. What’s really pathetic is it looks like the electrician or his apprentice performed the work. :shock::roll:

That’s a supreme waste of material. On the bright side, if that brass valve ever has a bare hot wire fall on it, the breaker will trip now. :neutral:

What a hoot! You posting it isn’t the only joke. I’d say the electrician is too.

LOL… Made me chuckle outloud!

Too harsh of a write up? :slight_smile:

“Bonding wire connected to main water shut off- Bonding is useless in this application as the main water supply is plastic coming into home and is plastic (pex) through out the home. -Waste of material”


Is this the house that the deck belongs to?

The one and the same! Does that surprise you? :wink:

Not really Chris!!!
I guess this builder found the dumbest trades to build this house!!:wink:

That house was built by the same guy that calls ON Star to get them to open the locked door so he can get out of his car.


Good analogy Charley!

Some more supporting evidence for your viewing pleasure.

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Could you explain the pictures, please?

Sure Larry,

Pic 1 - no joist hangers on half of the joists butted to the beam under the main stairwell.

Pic 2- moisture intrusion at outlet of main waste line. (no gutters, rear yard not graded properly, penetration not sealed)

Pic 3- poor workmanship on siding installation

Pic 4- sill plate within 5" of grade.

Builder said he was competed with grading - coming back in the spring to seed the property.

The bonding is funny.

The valve should be supported

All jokes aside (I know, out of character for me), it truly scares me that anyone with even one ounce of common sense would do such a thing.

I will say, I have “met” folks who honestly think that the water itself will “carry” current and that bonding like shown will prevent it.
Very sad.

That connection looks like a garden hose with a radiator clamp on the bottom side? Very professional!

Never seen PEX?

Thanks, Chris. :slight_smile:

I can’t believe this builder found one idiot from each trade. The is an accomplishment. Usually you have one or two, but all of them.