Bonding of Gas Piping

It makes no sense to bond the gas piping to this water heater. Aside from the copper stub-out on the heater, the rest is PEX. Am I right?



It makes no sense to bond the water piping, because it’s plastic. The attempt at bonding the gas piping through the water piping is futile. Without a path back the the service equipment and/or GE, there is no bond.

I may be wrong but isnt bonding to a gas line not allowed, you know spark and gas not often friends…I texted a sparky now…he says nope cant use gas line for bonding

Mike all metal pipes capable of being energized need to be bonded. The gas line can not be the main grounding electrode but it must be bonded. That’s how I was taught anyways

As far as I am aware, the only state that prohibits bonding of the gas piping is NY. Everywhere else, it is a requirement that the gas piping be bonded to the GE.

However, the gas piping cannot be used as the grounding electrode under any circumstances.

oops mis understood, bonded OK, used as ground no way. gotcha. i misread what was sent over to me by sparky, it was a pic of a code book page, “…never to be used as grounding electrodes…”

Thanks for confirming what I said Jeffrey. I don’t always like posting stuff because I’m new myself.

Thanks for all the responses guys.

If there is any flexible gas line anywhere in the building the manufacturer of the flexible gas line will require the gas line to be bonded therefore it must be bonded to the service equipment or the grounding electrode system.

The gas line can never be used as a grounding electrode for any reason. In order to use the gas line as an electrode the bonding would have to take place on the supply side of the meter not on the load side of the meter.

Hello All,

I might wish to add that in cases where their is a concern that the bonding of the gas line in accordance with the manufacturers instructions that possibly also would violate the requirement to use the gas line as a GE…may wish to install an union that allows a true separation from the in ground system and the gas piping inside the structure. In many areas the building officials feel that meeting one requirement creates a violation of another so this is only a recommendation to appeal to both parties…if the piping is isolated and not in contact metallic-ally with the portion in the ground then no violation exists in terms of using the metal gas piping as an electrode yet still bonds the inside gas piping if it is indeed required. Keep in mind the separate connection to things like CSST is manufacturer driven. In terms of the OTHER bonding NEC 250.104 handles that portion in most cases.