Gas pipe bonding

New student here. I am currently studding the HVAC course. I have some confusion. I was reading paragraph, one sentence said that we Don’t want to relay on the Bonding of the electric to the Gas pipe, then it seems two sentences later. It says most jurisdictions require it to be bonded to the gas pipe.
It did say that it need to be bonded t the water pipes as well. so is it water pipe first, then gas pipe? gas pipe first then water pipe? or no gas pipe at all?

I don’t believe it matters which one is bonded 1st, they both need bonding.

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@cspurr I am actually reading this material right now as I am also new. What it means is that water supply lines(if metal, which was typical years ago) are able to be used for grounding rods but, not gas lines. Gas/water lines need to be bonded either way, which sounds confusing. Most water lines now a days are not made of metal anyway due to cost. So, you cannot use a non metallic water line as a ground and there must be two grounding rods 6’ apart. That is my understanding anyway.

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Read it this way: the gas pipe should be bonded but not a substitute for proper grounding electrode system.


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A little help with the terminology which is important. The metal water pipe if 10’ or more is in contact with the earth it must be used as an electrode so it should not be called a grounding rod. Also it should also not be called a ground, ground is a generic term that doesn’t explain what the water pipe electrode actually is.