Bonding screw/strap? Grounding Electrode System?

Square D service equipment, green bonding screw?

Where’s the grounding electrode conductor?

No grounding electrode.

Anything else?

It’s difficult to tell from your picture if the bond screw is present or not, but I guess you say it’s not there.

I can’t tell from the pictures if, perhaps, the grounding electrode conductor lands in the meter pan or not. That’s possible, and compliant if that’s the case, although some power companies aren’t especially excited about that. The grounding electrodes may be present, but buried.

Having said all that, you may be 100% right in saying that the grounding electrode system is completely missing. Just can’t tell from the pics, myself. The panel change is a bit sloppy, which is what makes me think this was homeowner/handyman work and the GEC is missing. That’s simply not the type of work an actual electrician would have done. We’d have brought all those cables in the top of the panel, and none in the sides.

There may be some supporting/securing issues with the new romexes, particularly the new #10 run in the left side. The tripped breaker also concerns me to the extent that I’d want that circuit investigated.

It’s good to see you here again Mark. Welcome back.

There is no Green bonding screw. Most Square D I’m familiar with always require a green screw. If the grounding electrode conductor lands in the base how would that transfer to the panel, conduit?

It would connect to the neutral in the meter base. A connection in the panel would therefore not be required.

Thanks Robert.

In this scenario would/could the grounding electrode be at the service/transformer. No ground rod or grounding at water pipe present.

Also would the neutral/ground bar still need to be bonded to service panel?

The grounding electrode condcutor (GEC) is permitted to be connected to the neutral at any point between the service drop and the service disconnect. Any connection before the service drop, although permitted, would not satisfy this requirment.

Like the 3rd breaker from top at left side, 30 amp, labeled Washer + Dryer that feeds this sub panel.

Thanks again.