Bonding Screw

Should I report an incorrect bonding screw? I found a new upgraded panel with what looks like a sheet metal screw used as the bonding screw. The green bonding screw with tag was laying in the bottom of the panel. Ken :roll:

In this case, a bond is properly installed. Even if an improper screw was utilized, the bond is still going to be effective. IMO…I wouldn’t call it out.

From a code standpoint that is quite illegal and NOT acceptable.

Would you please expand.

I had no idea that a green screw is so different from a regular screw.

  1. per NEC - "Sheet metal screws shall not be used to connect grounding conductors to enclosures. "


  1. Manufacturer’s supplied screw(or similar) might be the only ones used during testing. So read the card attached to the green screw, sine MI could be violated. L&L issue.


PS, now if it’s a drywall screw, that might be ok per #1. However still a L&L issue. :wink:

So what sort of material is the manufacturers bonding screw?

Identified and tested materal.


Gee, that helps…Thanks

BTW, I still do electrical work, for free, and carry a green sharpie too.


A green sharpie will definitely work on my inspections.

:lol: :lol:

I guess, I have to agree with David on this one, some things just don’t seem to make any common sense, even though it is code.

Marcel :slight_smile: :smiley:

Will this work?

It’s a patented (by the manufacturer - me) two in one screw.

Use it in the panel as a bonding screw (after using the green sharpie on the head of it) and then go on the opposite side of the wall and you’ve got yourself a handy dandy coat hanger.

The requirement for the a green MBJ screw goes back to the early 90"s when an Inspector from Portland, OR sent in a proposal, because the existing panelboard neutral bars then had a screw but it was silver like the others, so with that we got the GREEN screws, the sheet metal screw business started during a change made in a later code because the proposal indicated that it was unreliable.

I believe that Home Inspector’s should rely on the comments made by those here with many years of experience and listen to them.



What size in AWG is this screw?

What if the service entrance conductors were 3/0 AWG copper, would it be large enough? What is the purpose of the MBJ?

Thank you Joe, but what is this green bonding screw made out of?

Try using a magnet to see if it is nonferrous or ferrous.

If it is nonferrous that may help us answer this question.

PS: I will be in RI on Wednesday and Thursday of this week

Joe, of all people, I am not disagreeing that it is Code, I am agreeing that it might not make any commen sense.

A green screw verses a tapping screw, why would it not work?

OK, it is not part of the tested system. I will go along with that because drywall works the same way.

OK you win. ha. ha.

Thanks Joe.

I new the answer before the comments, but just trying to get common sense in the equation. ha. ha.

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You and I are both in the same boat here.

I don’t think it rises to the level of a material defect but that does’t make it OK.

Call it out and let the client decide how important it is to him/her.

I report they decide.:wink:


I agree it is not a material defect and dose not make it OK.
I would make note of it too.

Leaving it up to the client would not be there desicion to make as common laymen. They need to be educated first to make that decision in my opinion.

Personally, I don’t think I would even bring it up.

Too miniscul of a variance to the Code in my opinion. As long as the darn thing is grounded and provides the safety of the occupants, why make a big fuss about it, we are not Code Enforcement Officers anyways.

Marcel :slight_smile: