Little green bonding screw

I would say more than 50% of the panels I inspect dont appear to have a bonding strap.

Am I correct to recommend a sparky to verify presence and to install.

Do the ellectricians forget to install? Is there a hidden bond that I am not seeing. If so then should the little green screw be removed?

Another question. All baths…1/2, master & 2nd floor where controlled by a GFCI outside the panel. This is an acceptable install correct?


87506 Brunswick 021 (Small).jpg

87506 Brunswick 020 (Small).jpg

87506 Brunswick 019 (Small).jpg

In the first picture, the green screw in the neutral buss bar is your bond.


All panels like the one you show should be bonded from the terminal grounding/grounded bar to the panel enclosure as this is a true main panel.’

Now in many cases you have either a green screw going directly through the terminal bar and screws into the panel itself…or you could have a “Z” grounding bar which would not be green…but would serve the same purpose and also possibly you will see an actual bonding strap in many panels.

I just simply cant tell enough in these pictures…my eyes MUST be going back but in all cases if you are not able to observe the bonding of the grounding/grounded bar to the enclosure on this MAIN panel ( we are not talking a sub here )…then you most certainly should write it up…

As for the bathroom GFCI question…yes, the GFCI can be located as a GFCI receptacle in one of the bathrooms and it can control the other recepts in the other bathrooms…perfectly fine as it does not have to be a panel installed GFCI to meet the requirement.

OH…I wanted to add…it is important guys that if you DO have trouble finding the bonding point that get as close a picture of the buss bar as possible for us here…e-mail it to me if you wish…but I would venture to say the screw on the left is the bond…and yes it should be green…but again my eyes are leaving me it seems on these online images.

Also equally important to note if the system is bonded correctly to the piping enclosed in the house, important to note if you find a water pipe only GEC…that you suggest a supplimental grounding conductor as well…to aid in the lightning issues and TVSS issues that are possible in any home.

I think someone should talk NICK into having a Grounding and Bonding Session at the up coming Convention…lol…

Chris & Paul


As long as the green screw is in contact with the panel then this is OK? Then a strap isnt needed. The screw does look like it makes good contact. Actually I can see the light?

This would be fine.

Yes, that is one of the methods used by the Manufacturers…some will come only with the strap…some with the “Z” bar…but the green screw you are refering to is thread into the proper opening provided by the Manufacturer and it will serve the purpose of bonding that enclosure fine.


I will be glad when I can figure this out for myself & stop asking you guys.

I learned something in regards to this. I would always look for the bonding screw but I would never look to see if it made contact. It is nice to have a clean install like this one where you can see everything.

Thanks again.

The bonding bar is visible in the two photos on the right. It runs from the top of one neutral bar to the other and looks to have a black plastic cover over it on the right hand side of the panel. Looks like it runs behind the bus bars. At least that’s how it looks to these old eyes.


I think dave is refering to the connection point for the bar to the enclosure ( bonding screw or strap or “Z” strap )…sometimes they are hard to find in a cluttered panel…but should be present or it should be called out. The bar indeed connects across the back and many times the green bonding screw will go through the middle somewhere…but in this case it probably goes through the terminal points on the bar to the enclosure…