Bonding vs. Grounding

Hello all. Newer inspector here trying to get my head around how bonding works, so that I know when to call things out.

I drew the diagram below. I wonder if some of you would look it over and tell me what to correct. I appreciate it!

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Looks like you got it!


Yep, it looks like you done good, William…like Bob said.


Thank you for the illustration.

I might have worded the example’s differently to make it less confusing.
Electrical. Grounding: An alternative physical pathway, a physical route, for electricity/current to flow back to the Ground/Earth when there is a fault in the system’s wiring because Electricity always returns to the source of supply. (a. Transformer. b. Substation).
Electrical. Bonding: A Mechanical/Physically connection, between two or more conductive materials, to establish a conductive path/way between them, to prevent electric shock.

Thank you all