I had a hard time finding the bonding in this panel. But, I think I have found it. Is this the bonding?

Got a full pic of the panel ?


That looks like the connection from the neutral “plate” to the neutral bus bar. I doubt if that screw goes into the panel back because that would prevent using that as a subpanel. The bus bar usually has a hole that can be used for a green bonding screw. The label should show the location for it.

Is that the main panel?

This looks like the bussbar holding strap to me. You need a larger picture so we can see the entire panel insides to be able to make this determination. Chances are you will see either (3) things. A.) A bonding strap B.) Bonding “Z” bar ( I like to call it this…lol ) and C.) a Bonding Conductor all of which will make a direct connection to the metal case of the enclosure. If it is a screw it will be green ( should be anyway ).

If you are not able to identify this item which should be obvious in a service rated panel then always take a larger picture of the whole panel so we can try to location it or lack of it for you.

here are more pics. Then more pics in the following post also.

and 2 more pics. Thanks for all the help.

No…this panel to the best of my view is not bonded to the enclosure if it is indeed a main service disconnection means . The hole to the right of the “grounded” conductor termination appears to be the bonding location from what I can gather.

I have to ask…is all the wiring to this enclosure AC Cable or EMT. please tell me the year if possible this unit was wired.

Paul, the townhouse was built in 1987. I can not determine if it is the original wiring, but I think it is, judging that everything else appears to be original. All the wiring appears to be in conduit.

Yeah…I kinda forget what part of the country you are in…lol…Metal Maniacs those Illinois folks area…:wink:

In my view I dont believe this enclosure is bonded properly from what I can see. Now, it could be a remote distribution panel with a main somewhere else which in that case the 4th conductor is the conduit and no case to neutral bond should take place and since their are no EGC’s seen ( because it is conduit and 250.118 allows it ) It brings us the the question…

1.) If it is the main service disconnect then it is wrong and needs calling out because their is no required case to neutral ( grounded conductor ) bond. OR

2.) It is a remote distribution panel whom they just choose to install a main breaker and in reality their is a service disconnect somewhere else in the layout and then if that is the case no case to neutral connection should be made and it would be ok in that respect and not something to call out ( ofcourse unless their are other issues in the panel which I did not look for…then call those specific issues out only )

should there not be a bonding bushing on the main conduit, it looks like the other knock outs are loose.

I did not look beyond the original question…this ends up being a good one for learning…glad you bought it up and I am in the teaching mood today…

If this is indeed the Service Disconnection Means ( not withstanding the issues above if that is the case ) then indeed it would need to have a bonding bushing with a bonding jumper in this case…I went and looked at it and sure hope they dont think that is a reliable path…you are right it is almost ripped out.

If this was a feeder to the remote panel it would based on the look of it…( very much based on the LOOK of it ) need a bonding bushing and bonding jumper as the effective fault current path is well…P*ss poor…nice eyes fella.

I stopped looking at all the images and commenting on all the issues right after the last time I was ripped for pointing out things other than the question being asked…lol