Book Joe Ferry for your next Chapter Meeting

I am available to speak to your membership at one of your upcoming Chapter Meetings. My schedule is pretty busy but also pretty flexible now that I am no longer trying cases so I can be anywhere that you need me at pretty much any time with reasonable notice.

Right now, I am booking September, October and November dates, so let me know as soon as possible.

I will make my own travel arrangements at no cost to the chapter. You only need to provide transport to and from the airport, hotel and meeting place.

I generally do not speak at meetings where you have already scheduled another strong industry speaker.

Topics include:

  1. Contract Issues in a Home Inspection
    2. Tort Issues in a Home Inspection
    3. Limiting your exposure to suit
    4. What to do in event of a claim/suit
    5. E & O Issues
    6. General Liability Issues
    7. What to do if you’re insured
    8. What to do if you’re not insured

    This is a free service to NACHI chapters.


Thanks for confirming our next NJ NACHI meeting in September.

I as others are looking forward to your legal/insurnace/liabilty advice.

Phillip R. Hinman
Education/legislation NJ NACHI

Phil -

I’m looking forward to seeing you in Medford on September 12th. Let’s use these 7 weeks to pump up the gate.


Dance card filling up:

September 12 - New Jersey

September 22 - New Hampshire

September 26 - Hudson Valley

October 17 - Atlanta

Does this mean you wont speak at the same places I speak…thehehehe…Me be a LEADER fella…:slight_smile:

Paul, I used your PIA in my presentation in Phoenix as a model PIA. I’m a huge fan of yours. So it would probably be good if you followed me a few months later. Sort of like The Blues Travelers warming the crowd up for The Rolling Stones.


December 19 - Plano, TX

Joe can a person bring a tape recorder or is that not a good idea.
Roy Cooke sr

How soon we forget NACHIgate.

Sure, bring a tape recorder, if you want to. I’m an open book.

Like we talked about,your on for the 28th of SEPT @ the La Quinta
Regards Len


September 28 - Bohemia, NY


WHAT…I am like a Rolling Stone…Hmmm…Sure wish I got their FEE for the the show…:slight_smile:

Many thanks to Joe for speaking at our last meeting of September 12.

Joe went over an interesting one page contract loaded with lots of good clauses for all to use in their contracts if applicable.

There was a very spirited question and answer session that brought out many of the issues confronting HI’s today.

There is no one better to address those issues because Joe sees them every day our as counsel.

He was without a doubt one of the best speakers we have had at any of our NJ NACHI meetings!

Those who have not had him at your meeting should sign him up as soon as possible!

Phillip R. Hinman
NJ NACHI Legislation/Education

lol…DANG JOE…where did you get that NEAT (1) page contract…thehehehe

Hey, Paul, it’s no secret. I’m a huge fan of your PIA. And grazie mille for letting me use in my presentation.