boro regs on wastewater

many boros in my state (PA) require stormwater and sewage to have 2 separate disposal lines-in other words they can’t be tied together. I recently inspected a home where the two waste lines are indeed tied together. Should I include this in my report or just make the buyer aware of this verbally? If anybody has run into this situation before I would be curious how you wrote it up and approached the buyer about it. I know we don’t quote “code” but if this ever comes back on the buyer, well, stormwater flows downhill.

ok i realize this topic is not as much fun as flaming but can anybody gimmee their input?

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Throw a smoke bomb into the sewer and see if the gutters look like they caught fire.Just kidding.
Try this.
Most municipality’s due not allow storm water to enter sewer systems therefore I recommend you add a discharge line to vent water a minimum of six feet from the structure(foundation).Add picture of offender.

It should be noted in the report.

Sewage discharging to a storm drain is a health concern.

Sewage should never be discharged into storm sewers & vice versa.

Sewage into storm–health concren in streams & rivers.

Storm into sewage–if all did this it would overload treatment plants, overflowing thus health concern in streams & rivers.

A little thought, a lot of knowledge

Thanks very much everybody. Didn’t want to get into a fray with a RA, a seller (one and the same actually) a buyer AND a boro.