Bottom of Stone Veneer

Can someone give me tips on reporting this issue.
What type of flashing should be used here?
Sheathing exposed at the bottom of the stone veneer.
Veneer hangs slightly lower than the sheathing.

5 year old home…sheathing dry.

Any diagrams would also be nice.


100_1980 (Small).jpg

Chris try this.

There are more links to info here.

ASTM C1063 would most likely like to see weepscreed there! And 2 layers of moisture barrier under the stone.


weep screed was my first thought.

how would one install a weep screed retroactively.
does it involve removing any of the cultured stone?

I assume I should just recommend its installation and move on?

At this pointe in time to install weepscreed would most likely do more damage then good. Imo

And in all the install specs for the stone I have seen I do no recall any of them useing weepscreed.

I would be more worried about the window installation and kickout diverters!


thank you very much, Carl.

I’m not a cultured stone installation expert, my concerns with what I see in this pic is related to support for the stone. If this is 2 stories of stone on a wall, there isn’t any angle bracket nor brick shelf, then I’d be concerned and write it up as such. However, if this is a half wall veneer then IMO all looks fine based on the single pic. Also it appears there is sufficient distance between top of foundation and finished grade. Even though the bottom edge of the sheathing is exposed it’s no different than if clapboard, cedar shingles or vinyl siding were installed.

If there was weepscreed there the osb would still be exposed unless the concrete guys and framers were on the same line!
No off set at the plate line.

i believe the c-stone relies on adhesive bond to the substrate, like ceramic tile, and not on a direct bearing.

I agree with Andrew. No bearing.