Bowed Ridge Board

FYI - Here are photos taken inside a stick built roof showing large gaps between the rafters on the back side of the roof and the ridge board. Turns out the gable roof framing over the front porch pulled the ridge board when the front porch roof supports settled when the porch settled. This is a rare condition I have never seen in 26 years, so I wanted to pass this on for inspectors to think about if you see this.



Interesting. Thanks for sharing.

It is not noticeable to me in this picture.

And, THAT is one reason why inspection of attics is so important!

Thanks, Randy

Thanks for sharing. Since nobody else asked what is the remedy?

Interesting, so how far out of level is the porch roof ridge? Why did the porch columns settle?

Porch along with the columns settled 1.5 inches.

Difficult to see how that pulled away with plywood on the roof. There had to be a hump visible on the roof caused by that pull away.

The plywood was not nailed to the ridge board, only the rafters.

There were no collar ties to connect both sides.

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Randy, so what’s the fix? come-along, pull it back after jacking up the columns? install collar ties?

Thanks Randy, not an easy fix.

Thanks for sharing! I’ve seen similar damage, but only after other significant building collapse issues, never in something that was still 100% standing or during a home inspection. The graphic you have illustrating the bowing is great for showing a lay-person if they didn’t firmly grasp the narrative.