BPI Building Analyst and Envelope-Shell Professional

I’m considering adding energy auditing to my HI services. Have any of you had success with this? Is BPI Certification a bunch of BS?

Well that depends on your state and FL is one of the tougher ones. I would highly recommend that you call around and find out exactly what training you need for FL. BPI, HERS (Resnet) are both accepted there, but not looked upon as good as a class 1 or 2 (Florida only thing) air balancing company. There are also tier 1 and 2 raters (also FL only) there for energy auditing.

You can drop me a line at jason@aikencolon.com and I can hook you up with all the programs that are going on in FL, or any state for that matter. I can also locate all your BPI and HERS (Resnet) training facilities down there for you.

Another factor is, are you anywhere close to another state? If so you will want to be able to work in those states as well.

WA point of sale energy audits goes in to effect Jan 1st. There is legislation in several other states to have point of sale energy audits and FL is one to be rumored to be included in this.