Brain Fart?

I am in the middle of multiple reports and for the life of me I cannot think of the proper call out for this…image is athe water heater pipe!help.jpg

The electrolysis is a reaction between to different metals in the presence of water, the reaction result in the more noble metal (copper) damaging the less noble one, (steel).

But it looks like there is a leak.

Or someone threw a fruitcake at it.

Fruitcake…:lol: I miss this board!

Thanks Dale!

Mr Gordon

Think a little – What caused the condition - a little bit of leakage -

Clean it up and make sure the leakage problem has been corrected

Do not make a problem when one does not exist


Mr Bennet,

Why do you “assume” that I wanted to make a problem, out of it?

Simply had a brain fart and needed a reminder of the word. Thank you for your concern.

I wouldnt clean it up…ever clean up a galvanized/steel pipe w/ all that corrosion on it and make the leak worse? I have…

Call em as you see em eh?

Hey and clean this too while your at it.:stuck_out_tongue: And that red dot looks like trouble Harvey.

Signs of water leak on hot water tank line.
Failure to correct this may result in flooded basement.
Have repairs made by a licensed plumbing contractor immediately.

Hows that?

Roy R.

Electrolysis? or “galvanic” reaction?](


Are you putting some logic into this by showing us that this is not electrolysis??

That it is just a bad solder joint and a leak

Good research


Electrolysis simply means that when two metals are physically connected in water, one will corrode away to protect the other.

All metals fall somewhere on the galvanic scale of reactivity. When two are placed together in water, the “nobler” – or less reactive – one will remain intact while the more reactive one corrodes. When steel and copper are together, steel will be the one that corrodes. Indeed, steel is more likely to rust in the presence of copper than it would have been by itself. That’s why dielectric unions are necessary on items like copper flex lines when they’re connected to steel nipples.

Could be electrolysis, or a bad sweet joint, or even a bad female adaptor. Either way I would not clean it off. Odds are it will leak. If not after you clean it then shortly there after.


I don’t think Harvey lacked the knowledge to recognize the fact a leak was present, looks pretty obvious in the picture.

Kind of looks like C4 with a Detonation Cord rather than a fruitcake the more I look at it.