Brand New Window - Failed

After I found two new windows like this, the Client said those are the two that
show condensation between the glass sometimes. Photo taken with old BCAM.

may want to reset the date/time on your equipment
unless you were inspecting new years day 2000 at 6:01am



How the hell are you detecting a thermal seal leak with a B-Cam?

My B-2 doesn’t detect thermal leaks in glass.

Can you post the digital image?


To learn how you have to sign up for his class.:p:p

That’s BS…B-Cams can not detect anomalies through glass.

" I recommend installing a Radiant Barrier which will increase the R value by 100% "

I found both faulty windows with my old BCAM.

The client said these were the only two windows that show condensation
from time to time and was impressed that that my camera found them,
without him telling me.

Deal with it. (we can bet $1000 and make it interesting if you want?)

BTW… I was working on Jan 1st… just the time stamp and year is off (whoops).

John, is that what you tell your students to say when they make a mistake in their reports, WHOOPS???

Admitting a mistake is the best policy for everyone I would think.

How did I do it?

Not sure…I’m thinking that there had to be some sort of moisture build-up on the glass itself or the broken seal was causing this circular area of the pane to become cooler.

I’ve thermally scanned many broken thermal seals on thermal windows and my IR camera has never detected an anomaly at the obvious broken thermal seal area.


Andersen windows and doors manufactured from 1989 through 1993 have experienced a loss of argone gas. The dual panes compress at the center leaving a moisture ring only visible at times. There are two of these defective windows in my home, an Andersen rep actually came to my home and “repaired” the windows by drilling a small hole in the upper rail. It was interesting to watch the glass return to a normal position. We have two arch tops and one atrium door that are scheduled for free replacement. Apparently, there may be many thousands of these defective windows. Check the date stamp. Attached are images of my windows.

Nice images

This accidental typo is funny. Almost like a Freudian slip.