Window leak

Here is a cool pic I found the other day at an inspection.




Hey Mark,

Do you have the digital image that you can upload. Was this images taken from the exterior of the building during the afternoon? What type of material is on the wall?

Just curious…what do you mean “window leak”?


It was an anomaly that I found during a scan on a cedar board and batt install on the weather side of the home. Moisture content was low on spot checked locations in this area and the homeowner, which was my client, informed me it has been leaking in the past. I basically, told them to monitor this area in the rain season for any moisture penetration.

What is your take on this thermal image? Are you saying it is not an anomaly? Your input would be appreciated. Thanks.

I am curious why the window is colder .if this was taken from inside as it appears to be.

Sorry, it is an exterior picture.

If the Client said the window has been leaking, did you tell her that the window
should have further evaluations by a qualified Professional, so she does not
blame you for the damage that may develop later?

Just from looking at the pictures it looks like 2 empty voids below the window. Maybe some minor leakage to the bottom right.

What time of day did you snap these? Time of day is HUGE for exterior scanning.


Well, it is very difficult to glean any good data while conducting an exterior scan of the building during the day.

If the owner provided information that this window has leaked in the past, then I would have conducted an interior scan of the window and surrounding area.

There may very well be some damage to the B&B siding on the exterior, but that would be difficult to tell from your IR images. The warm areas on the lower right could be thermal loading or reflections.

Hard to say…do you have the digital image?





The red arrrows in the first photo show where I inserted the moisture meter pre-tropical storm Hanna. Only 8-9 % moisture. Hanna was only a 1 1/2 day away. I told the buyer that I strongly recommend ITI when I return to pick up the radon canister.

The second photo shows thermal pattern associated with moisture entry, post Hanna.
The third photo of post Hanna tells it all, 90.5 % moisture.


Post Hanna_IR.JPG

Here is another picture of water damage from a window leak found on the internet.