Brand spanking new unit can you see a problem

This was on an inspection today brand new home never lived in can you see what I see.

Well, the disconnect does not seem to have the propper clearence.

I can not see any weep holes and the foundation does not come up high enough the bricks are touching the ground .
No vapour barrier showning under the Bricks .

Roy Cooke

Must be Bluetooth enabled for control.:slight_smile:

No strap on AC whip. Lack of working space about AC disconnect. Missing bubble cover on receptacle. No low voltage thermostat type cable present OR thermostat cable improperly run in flex with AC wiring.

Good eye Marc the low voltage wire was inside the seal tight with the 220-volt???


Gap at penetration. Should be sealed to prevent entry by WDO’s and moisture.

Marc, isn’t the “in-use” cover for pool pumps and things that are constantly on?

Nope. Not any more.

Missing liquid line filter dryer…

These are on most all units around here.

(or is it just the heat pumps?)

Both, but they’re factory installed on the interior of the condensing unit. Some installers choose to add an extra one and sometimes a sight glass. Heat pumps use a special filter/drier that is bidirectional.

Marc is right some MFG install the liquid line dryers inside the cabinet but some do not. Any contractor worth his salt would install a dryer external to the cabinet if one is not provided. It is not a code issue just good common sense.

It is not recommended to install two dryers in series on any A/C unit

Could not see if the lineset was passing through a pvc pipe chase. I prefer not seeing linesets installed through brick or masonary walls without one. Just the way I was trained.

Me too, this one had PVC but a lot of contractors don’t bother or don’t care.

What prohibits that practice?

The NEC. Would the code citation be helpful to you?

Doesn’t it depend on the type of low voltage wire?


That maybe a regional thing. In use exterior outlet covers are only required here in California for permanent use fixtures, ie; sprinkler and or landscape timers, etc…

Do you have a code section we might refer to?


Please. Thanks.