Brick/Block... What is it called???

Hey y’all… what would you call these:

Masonry unit

Brick pier

Looks like Block to me .

Agree… CMU’s… Concrete Masonry Units. “Block” would be the inspector ‘slang’ word.

Double wythe brick

Hard square things.

cmu concrete masonry unit - Google Search

Interesting I went to Home depot where I think most people would go and they had no listing for your information .


Red CMU.

Oh well. Guess that’s just anotehr thing that separates the Americans from the Canadians!!

Oh well. Guess that’s just another thing that separates us Americans from you Canadians!!

We should build a wall! :stuck_out_tongue: Bricks or blocks, decisions decisions!

After being a mason for a number of years I would call them things— CMU’s… Concrete Masonry Units—When you see the grey ones that look like compressed cinder you could call them blocks aka cinder block

They use the slang word a few times here! :slight_smile:

Concrete Blocks | Dimensional Concrete Blocks | Long Island | Suffolk | Nassau

Bunch of friggin’ HACKS!! (see first six words)…

Thanks guys… clear as mud. I use CMU or “Concrete Block” for the gray ones… just didn’t know “Brock” was a industry term… :smiley:

I guess my point is… It doesnt look like “concrete”

Do you know the definition of Concrete?..