Brick wall sliding inward and outward

Is this problem serious? What could be the cause? Thanks.


A number of things could have caused it. Brick veneer is usually nonstructural, however, it could be dangerous and or a symptom of a much bigger issue. Contact an inspector to look at it.


Is what a problem? Could what be the cause?
I can’t tell crap from that pic. What the heck are we looking at and what are you concerned about.
All I see is what may be a ‘brick ledge’!
Google it!!

I mean that a portion of the brick veneer wall was not completely supported by the brick ledge.

If it’s “sliding” as you say, it’s a big deal and hazardous. What evidence do you have of movement vs that being the original placement? Brick can be cantilevered or corbeled by up to 1/3 of its thickness. Did you measure?


If it’s like that around the perimeter of the home or even consistently on one side of the home or wall I’m pretty confident it was built that way.

A quick way to check if the bricks were laid that way or the foundation has moved is to look under the bottom brick. See if the mortar is flush with foundation, if so then the brick was likely laid with that offset. In most cases if the foundation has shoved inward the mortar stays with the brick.