Broken Pipe Removal

I would appreciate any ideas on how to remove a short threaded section of plastic (PVC) pipe that has broken off inside a brass elbow fitting. While searching for a leak, I removed the bath tub spout (with shower diverter) and discovered it was connected to the elbow fitting via a PVC nipple/pipe. While I was attempting to remove the PVC, it snapped off about halfway inside the fitting. Of course, the fitting is inside the wall behind ceramic tile on a mortar and mesh bed with a very small opening around it. Any ideas on how best to remove the remaining pipe without damaging the fitting threads would be greatly appreciated.

Use a small saw(coping blade or hack saw blade) to cut a slot in the broken plastic nipple. Be careful not to cut into the thread of the el fitting. Then use an awl or a long thin screwdriver to pry the remaing plastic out. Cut the slot on top of the fitting. If you don’t feel confortable with this, call a plumber.


For just a few dollars.


This works well.


Thanks. I have that extractor, but there isn’t enough depth in the fitting to get the tapered tip to bite the inside of the pipe.

you can also glue another smaller piece of pipe inside the broken off piece.

Brian, can Gary just borrow yours?:stuck_out_tongue:

Yes he explained it well Have done this Many Many times .
When you get is started a pair of needle nose pliers and just turn it inside it self and out it comes .
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Use a wood chisle smaller them the pipe. Drive it into pvc pipe with the flat side going to right. If you can’t turn by hand use cresent wrench on
blade of chisle, works like a charm.