Bryant AC

In April 2008 we had a Bryant 2.5 ton Puron AC installed. This year since April we have had 5 service calls due to poor cooling. Finally, last week they replaced the coil - saying that original coil was rusted. The invoice states installed with matching coil - is it possible for a new coil to rust after just one seasons use?

Also, the new coil is Carrier. Our furnace is Carrier. The tech said the coil he took out was smaller and there was some sort of block in place that he rmoved - stated that we were lucky the new coil “just fit”. He didn’t think it would. Insisted that to get warranty reimbursement had to take box from new coil and the old coil - this doesn’t make sense. Why would you need box from new coil to get warrant reimbursement on old. Said that lots of people were mad - had been having a lot of trouble with coils.

We were told at one point that Bryant supplies used parts - does anyone know if this is true? We faxed a letter to both the dealer and Bryant on Friday request answers to questions, but to date have heard from neither one.

Know Jeff Pope had a thread about this problem

Am not saying this is applicable in your case but this is the latest problem in Chinese products. The dry wall contains high levels of sulfur. Sulfur eats copper.

Hi Dianne,

I have a bryant unit at my house. It is a heat pump. The unit was installed in 2002. I have had it worked on 6 times since then.

The first time they had to replace the coils in the air handler. The tech said that it was a common problem because they didn’t install the coils with enough room for the connection. The connection was always developing a leak and the unit lost all of its freon.

Another time it would only blow hot air even though it was in cool mode. It turns out that with a bryant unit the reversing valve has to be energized to produce cold air. Most units require that the reversing valve be energized to produce heat. They had to replace the thermostat.

Another time the capacitor went bad and needed to be replaced.

Of course all of these things happened during the heat of summer. I was lucky and found an ac contractor that lives about 5 minutes from my house.