Bug ID

What am I looking at here?

Woodlouse maybe?

We called them armadillo bugs as kids.



yup. rolly pollies we called them :slight_smile:

Nope ! That is what a Woodlouse is.

Thanks guys! They are awfully round and complete… I wouldn’t have though Woodlouse.

In order to answer your question would you please answer the following …Where was this picture taken? Do you have any others like it?

Neither would I!


1546 × 848 - warrenphotographic.co.uk


210 × 170 - pestcontrolsupplies.co.uk](http://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http://www.pestcontrolsupplies.co.uk/Lib/Img/info/ch-wdlice.jpg&imgrefurl=http://www.pestcontrolsupplies.co.uk/how-to-guides/how-to-get-rid-of-woodlice&h=170&w=210&tbnid=wQAOFJ4FA8RT1M:&zoom=1&docid=V4EtIAHZGFBiKM&ei=MFk4VOHNI-np8AG-mID4CA&tbm=isch&ved=0CCkQMygHMAc)

Here’s a picture of the mealy bug.:stuck_out_tongue:

It looks like larvae to me.

I was thinking along the lines of larvae/maggots.

That is why I asked where the bugs were “hanging out”.:wink:

It’s the “cocoon” . You can see that many are empty.

Give me a friggin break!
What do you want a Grand Jury investigation?:smiley:
You don’t know…Correct !
There is no problem with not knowing ! Nope!
However… What do you think they are…Huh!
That would be helpful. Uh Huh!

You just made me squirt Pepsi through my nose!:stuck_out_tongue:

I could not enlarge the original photograph. Now I can and … Frank is correct! They are cocoons and all of them appear to be empty!

One of the things that I learned as a WDO/WDI inspector is…… Never guess! Either you know it or you don’t!

Knowing the "location i.e.; inside, outside, wet, dry, attic, basement, etc. etc. is important.

If you ask a “detailed/logical question” then the newer inspectors will start to post accordingly.
You know that As a home inspector “details” are extremely important. Either you were going to be a professional and recognized as such or… You are not!:wink:

I have a lot of things to do. So…… Good night and I hope you guys have fun!:D:D