Bugs up my ***

I did a Wood Destroying Insect inspection for a client a little while ago. Both the seller and the buyer were represented by the same Real Estate office. My client could not attend, but the owner’s spouse was home. I saw many exit holes for Powder Post Beetles in the beams in the basement and I saw a carpenter ant (one only) crawl up the block foundation and disappear behind the siding. As I was writing up my report, the owner’s spouse asked me if I found anything. I told her about the exit holes and the carpenter ant. She told me that they had a yearly pest maintenance contract with a local pest company. I noted in my report that I recommended treatment for Powder Post Beetles and Carpenter ants, unless the owners could produce documentation of appropriate treatment. Somewhere, somehow, someone was offended. (Probably the owner who didn’t want to pay for treatment) A duplicate WDI inspection was ordered by the sellers. ( I don’t know if it was the same company who provided the yearly maintenance, but it probably was) His report mentioned the Powder Post Beetles, but did not recommend treatment. The owner was happy. The agent representing the buyers wanted an explanation. I easily explained that he hadn’t seen the carpenter ant, but I couldn’t explain why he didn’t recommend treatment for the PP Beetles. I asked her about the “maintenance contract”, she said that was for Lady Bugs. Now, while I still get inspections from this office, someone else always does the pest inspection. I’d like to confront them, but don’t want to come on too defensive. Comments??


Hard to approach a weasel with reasoning, you just found yourself a buzzard, I mean unethical realtor who will do what they were trained to do, move property, whatever it takes.

If it takes a soft report, they will find someone to give them one, best not to associate with the likes of them.

For every honest one I find there are 10 who are not.

That’s life…:smiley:

Pictures are a wonderful thing to show the broker.

Never knew Lady Bug infestation was a big concern. We got roaches here you can saddle…oh yeah, those are Palmetto bugs…not roaches. They were given a more friendly name so as to not scare off the tourists. Oh yeah, these roaches can fly! Normally they like to land on your head.

My comment: Do what you do, and keep doing it.
If they don’t like your services, they will use someone else.
If you change what you do (Not reporting what you see), you’ll be dead meat to a lawyer.

Just because you are “too good” and find what others do not, is no reason to confront anyone. I have Agents that don’t want me around, but hire me when it’s their family member buying the house! I have Agents comment that I find and report everything, and there is nothing they can say that will change that! But I’m being sued for being too soft and dependant on the Realtor for business.

I was just thinking about the hundreds of Realtors I have worked with in the past, that I have not heard from in a long while. I guess they have found something else to do, or someone else to do it for them. Whatever the reason, there is nothing I intend to change to get them back.

Most have complained about the price. But they still call when they have a problem that needs answered or a problem client they can’t control. I guess I’ll lower my fees! (When the average HI’s start getting 6%, that is!)

Your post is typical for most HI’s - can we consider another approach? Realize, I have not had to deal with this type of realtor yet.

No business wants or needs bad press - especially when ethical practice is involved. It might be that the owner of the realtor company doesn’t know that his agents aren’t smart enough to cover themselves. Could a privet lunch with the owner of the Real Estate company could win you back their business and preserve the consumers right to know? :slight_smile:

Signs of powder post beetles? What signs of powder post beetles? We don’t got no stinkin powder post beetles.

If its an old infestation thay will NOT spray. You can tell old from new (active or inactive) by the holes. Old activity, the holes will be dark in color, new or active infestation, the holes will be light in color like fresh cut wood and may have frass (sawdust) bing pushed out like Stephens photo. Seeing one ant is a judgement call. I would have said in the report that one ant was observed and considertion should be given to having a perimeter spray to prevent an infestation of the property.